I always have my camera with me to capture a special moment.

I always have my camera with me to capture a special moment.

If you aren’t bold enough to go after what you really want, then you’re not living a full life.





For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be my own boss. I started a photography business on the side and recently started a new venture as Co-Founder of a storytelling company, Magic Hour Stories. I treat every job opportunity as if I were the owner, I was born with the entrepreneurial spirit. I deliberately search for ways to influence positive changes and use my skills to propel businesses forward.


Jack of All Trades

Keener Communications was my first "adult" job that I landed my junior year of high school. I give credit for my 8 years of growth to this family owned business.

It was here that I had a chance to wear many different hats starting as a customer service representative, managing a team, creating and implementing training, and recruiting new candidates for the company to drive our business.

Brand Ambassador

From the moment I started my journey through Capital One, I've always understood the correlation between my personal brand and that of the company.

Even when you're off the clock, you're seen as a representative of the company you're a part of.

I am always searching for a new challenge. When there's a way for me to help, I offer up my skills without hesitation. I've been fortunate enough to share my creative eye with many Line Of Businesses and Directors+ across the Enterprise to help share customers and stories of our impact. I want to be in a role that will allow me to reach the important individuals that are driving our business and remove roadblocks that prevent them from being the best version of themselves. 


Connecting with people who love Capital One is the essence of my job. I use social media to elevate that relationship.