Saturday - May 30, 2020

Arrive at 6:30pm


Our home

1819 Carlisle Ave

Richmond, VA 23231

We chose our home because it’s where we can be ourselves. We like the idea of feeling cozy with a laid back atmosphere. This will be far from a traditional wedding, we want relaxation, good vibes, and a more intimate setting to be around our loved ones.


This will be an outdoor wedding rain or shine. Let’s keep it business casual.


We’re saving up for a honeymoon! We’re being mindful of accumulating “stuff” that we do not need because we are fortunate to have all the things that we do need. We value spending time together as a couple and experiences that we can have together or with friends and family—because those memories tend to stick with us for a lifetime. Instead of a wedding registry, we’re accepting donations for a trip together. Use any of the forms below.

Keep in mind, Sherita’s new married name will not take affect right away.

Venmo: @SheritaSin

Paypal: Sin.Sherita@gmail.com

Zelle: (804) 385-4460

If you’d rather mail it, make checks payable to Sherita Sin or Phil Grinter


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Plus 1 Adult
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